We are a creative digital agency in Zimbabwe...
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Over the last five years, we have helped and guided organizations to achieve outstanding results.

A little about us

Attracted to challenges, moved by passion for web, technology, social media and software development, Alcra is a dynamic company in Zimbabwe which aims to deliver innovative and value-added solutions.

Alcra offers a complete suite of services such as web design, web development, web hosting and customized business applications. Our portfolio spans 5 years of successful projects - Have a look at some of works..


Search Engine Optimization

Most people make use of search engines like Google and Bing to navigate their way through the internets - having a high search ranking means more traffic sent to your website. We can improve your search ranking by optimizing your website on a regular basis with the best SEO techniques.

Social Media Advertisement

Social media is a powerful tool which has become ingrained in everyday life and people are now more connected than ever. We help businesses with building brand awareness through social media and online marketing.

Web Design and Development

Having a website is the first step for you to build an online presence for your business. We have done many micro sites, large sites for businesses, complex shopping systems and sites that have very tight deadlines.

Customized business applications

As you get well established in your industry, the need for branching out into custom software to adapt to your growing needs becomes critical. We have delivered companies with easy to understand and efficient software for their businesses.

Mobile App Development

Do you want your business to be carried around in everyone's pockets or handbags? We create highly polished mobile apps for startups and enterprise clients.


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